Faith Into Action Youth Conference & Family Festival


The Faith Into Action Family Festival will feature food, live entertainment, games, prizes, inflatables, health fair, business fair, crafts, and much, much more!

The Faith Into Action Family Festival is going to be held on Saturday, July 15, 2017 from noon to 4PM.

Each year Jesse and his rescued reptiles slither into more than 150 live events. Our program is very popular with schools, churches, scouts, libraries, community events, and regularly appears on television and radio. Jesse and the reptiles have performed at the governor’s mansion, for the U.S. Congress, with Jay Leno, and at many other venues, from crowded theaters and stadiums, to more intimate gatherings within backyards and living rooms. We love people, nature, and live events, and it would be our pleasure to serve your group.

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is a small reptile rescue in Amish country, Pennsylvania. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a dual focus on educational outreach and rescuing reptiles.

The Kids on the Block puppets originated in 1977 in direct response to US Public Law 94-142, which required that children with disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment. To date there are more than 1,000 local troupes worldwide

Sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, have passion to inspire others to live an abundant life through an authentic relationship with God. Based out of Nashville, Lauren and Brooke write music drawing from their unfiltered life of joys, struggles, faith, hurts and devotion. Lauren, 22 plays bass and keys while Brooke, 19, plays lead and rhythm guitar. Their harmonies and powerful vocals create a sound as genuine and powerful as their message of faith.

“LOVECOLLIDE represents the cross, where God’s LOVE COLLIDED with us… His people, our mess, our sin. When we finally understand that love, we cannot help but fall more in love with Him, and that is when real abundant life begins. We have a passion for Christians to be bold in their faith - for people to draw a line in the sand and choose living for their King. We want to encourage those who feel lost or alone that there is Hope and there is someone who loves them incredibly — and his name is Jesus. We also have a passion for others to see who they truly are in the eyes of Christ and find their identity in Him. When you begin to see how much He loves you, it changes your whole perspective on life.”

Lauren and Brooke have a desire for their fans to not only know the songs but to understand the heart and message behind the songs. As a result they have written devotions for each of the songs and are releasing them sequentially.

Tom Coverly grew up in one of the roughest cities in America, Camden, NJ. His first time ever in church was as a suburban Philadelphia pre-teenager. Tom literally thought the pastor was cursing when he first heard, "Jesus Christ" out of the pastors mouth. That night, Tom discovered Jesus is not a swear word, but now his best friend & Savior.

Tom got started doing magic tricks at 18 years old while attending Bible college earning his bachelors in pastoral ministries. Tom, a former youth & senior pastor, now travels the world as the founder of Holy Wow Ministries.

He is one of the most passionate speakers you will ever hear! His passion comes from giving ALL glory to Jesus for taking his past mistakes and MESS-ups and turning them into a MESSage. Warning: His passion for Jesus is contagious.

Spencer Kane is a 3 time award nominated and Billboard charting solo artist and FILM & TV actor born on October 26, 1996. In addition, he is the newest member of the Pop Group Anthem Lights based in Nashville.

Raised in a Christian home as a son of a Pastor, Spencer has been around musical influence in and out of the church world. His first professional recording was released in June 2011 and he has been recording in New York, Nashville, Chicago and Atlanta ever since.

His music has been described as "TOP 40" with a positive message. His fans have described his music as inspirational and the hundreds of emails he receives confirm that it has positively changed lives of the listener.

Beacon Light is a Hip-Hop artist whose performances range from cracking playful jokes and performing party songs to sharing his deepest pain with his listeners. His commanding stage presence combined with personal honesty and openness results in both high energy concerts as well as intimate worship.

“Life is full of highs and lows,” says Beacon, “I try to make music that honestly reflects those moments. From my albums to my live shows, I want to take people on a musical journey that glorifies Jesus and embodies redemption. My life was a mess before Christ. I was sexually abused, confused about who I was, and very angry at God; but Jesus took me, embraced me, and showed me how to live. My life is better ONLY because of Him.”

Beacon Light’s latest album, Open Eyes, is his most influential yet. Open Eyes hosts a series of stand-out songs, including the hit single “Overload”, which made it’s debut on the Billboard Christian Radio charts. Included on the album is a powerful rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” in which Beacon shares his story of sexual abuse as a child. The childhood hymn combined with Beacon’s heartfelt message have been powerfully sweeping across the world inspiring people to share their own stories of redemption.

Seeing lives change is what keeps Beacon energized to pursue his call in music. “Its amazing news when you hear that your song is a daily reminder for someone to not cut themselves,” Beacon remarks. “Or that your video encouraged someone to tell their Pastor about the sexual abuse going on in their lives and seek healing in Jesus. Those are the moments that remind me why I make music.”

Teen Challenge provides youth, adults, and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling problems in order to become productive members of society.
By applying Biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.
"We cannot claim a magical cure for addiction, the devil which hides in the needle, the pills, the powder, it's so deadly strong, that any such claim would be foolish. All we can say, is that we have found a power that captures a person more strongly than narcotics, but He captures to liberate..." David Wilkerson