Faith Into Action Youth Conference & Family Festival

During the week-long youth conference, students will spend time volunteering at local non-profit organizations, nursing homes, food banks, and performing some street ministry.

Sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, have passion to inspire others to live an abundant life through an authentic relationship with God. Based out of Nashville, Lauren and Brooke write music drawing from their unfiltered life of joys, struggles, faith, hurts and devotion. Lauren, 22 plays bass and keys while Brooke, 19, plays lead and rhythm guitar. Their harmonies and powerful vocals create a sound as genuine and powerful as their message of faith.

“LOVECOLLIDE represents the cross, where God’s LOVE COLLIDED with us… His people, our mess, our sin. When we finally understand that love, we cannot help but fall more in love with Him, and that is when real abundant life begins. We have a passion for Christians to be bold in their faith - for people to draw a line in the sand and choose living for their King. We want to encourage those who feel lost or alone that there is Hope and there is someone who loves them incredibly — and his name is Jesus. We also have a passion for others to see who they truly are in the eyes of Christ and find their identity in Him. When you begin to see how much He loves you, it changes your whole perspective on life.”

Lauren and Brooke have a desire for their fans to not only know the songs but to understand the heart and message behind the songs. As a result they have written devotions for each of the songs and are releasing them sequentially.

Tom Coverly grew up in one of the roughest cities in America, Camden, NJ. His first time ever in church was as a suburban Philadelphia pre-teenager. Tom literally thought the pastor was cursing when he first heard, "Jesus Christ" out of the pastors mouth. That night, Tom discovered Jesus is not a swear word, but now his best friend & Savior.

Tom got started doing magic tricks at 18 years old while attending Bible college earning his bachelors in pastoral ministries. Tom, a former youth & senior pastor, now travels the world as the founder of Holy Wow Ministries.

He is one of the most passionate speakers you will ever hear! His passion comes from giving ALL glory to Jesus for taking his past mistakes and MESS-ups and turning them into a MESSage. Warning: His passion for Jesus is contagious.